Is There Such a Thing as a GOOD Goodbye?

 There are so many different supposed “easy” ways to breakup or say goodbye to someone, but is there ever the possibility that it is really “good”? I don’t think there is ever a way that parting ways with someone who is so much a part of your life to be a partner and beloved, at least I have never been able to come up with one.goodbye

Thinking of the fact that honesty is always the best policy is one way to at least partially assume that there is a way for a goodbye with another loved one to be decent. But, honestly, how many of us really ever do that? How many of us have ever really had that approach taken with us?

I know that most of the men that I have supposedly dated over the past ten years or so always used the point of view that they just weren’t looking for a serious relationship, or that it wasn’t the right time, or something lame and tormented in that form. Then I would only see within a couple of weeks on Facebook or some other pathetic social media site with pictures of him with his new beloved, beautiful girlfriend scattered all over to the public. And then I start to ask myself consistently, “Why was the time not right so recently? Why was the time not right with me? Why was the time alright to hop in the sac, but not to spend any real and meaningful time together?” And so things have continued for years now.

I have seen many of my friends and exes get married for years now, and I have remained dateless for almost eight years now. Even attempting the shadiest perspective, the online dating world, I get blown off, ignored or just flat out stood up. They provide interest, often make plans, and then turn out to be the same shitty man that everyone else in the world has presented himself to me.

Why do men think that it is somehow the most positive form of deference is simply to stop returning texts, calls, emails or any other form of communication. For some reason just running away in silence is the most decent method of ending a collaboration of any sort is to simply disappear. No matter the time period of my life it seems that so many males have proven themselves to be this sort of shithead in any manner.


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