Rainwater and Composition

While there is an incredible principle to the use of kitchen waste and other organic materials to make compost as a nutrient for your soil, there is also much to be said for the collection of rainwater to assist in this process. The beauty of adding to the neutrality of this process occurs in the placement of the gutter downspout into a composition barrel. While you can still make use of simple kitchen and yard waste as compost, there will no longer be any need for the use of expensive city or local water to fill those barrels.

So, do you feel like you need more supplemental and rich garden soil? Does it seem like your flower and vegetable gardens are not growing as well as they could? There is no need to purchase those expensive and chemical-heavy fertilizers, but simply begin the natural composting process. With all those grass clippings, leaves, used coffee grounds or other natural food waste. If you already like to produce compost for the creation of rich soil, then you know about the most productive waste materials to place in those barrels to develop that fertilizing humus-like material for your gardens.

If you have not done so in the past, some key points are to stick to the placement of yard waste and basic food waste in those compost barrels. Some of these are egg shells, fruit or vegetable peels, out-of-date fruits or vegetables from the fridge, coffee grounds or any others that are natural and organic. One thing to be sure of is to stay away from meat or pet droppings as they are not as likely to produce organic compost.

Now, as the rainwater drains from the downspout into that lawn-friendly barrel to work with local worms and bugs from your lawn and home to dump into the barrel. Feel free to place as many into your compost barrel as you find!

Now, since the higher temperatures assist the composting process it is best to work through the procedure throughout the summer months. Then, as the compost has broken down into that natural fertilizer it should be pulled out of the barrel and covered over the lawn garden areas a good few weeks before you decide to plant. It will have time to soak into the soil and provide rich nutrition to help with plant growth.

There are many websites that offer tips and suggestions on the composting process, including one basic spot at While your local region may need some additional specifications, there are always local gardening sites for advice. It is helpful to protect the environment and beautify your lawn!


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