Compost Bin Water Heater

With the natural bio-degradation of waste from the kitchen, there is much to be said for the hot water that can be developed from your compost. Not only are you saving the waste sent off to the city or county facilities, but the energy used to heat water for all locations across your property. With the bacteria and fungi that develop through the processing of these eventually large piles of waste, decomposing and releasing heat through this process. With the ability for faster decomposition to heat these piles to as much as 160 degrees, or even a little more, water pipes can be run through them to naturally heat this water and reduce your electrical or gas costs greatly. compost bin water heater 2

With a number of compost bins available to help decompose waste safely and efficiently right outside your home, there is much to be said for the method of layering these items properly. With effective practice of layering compost there is much to be said for the speed of decomposition that will occur, releasing more and more heat over time.

While the largest effort is to save money along with the efficient energy with the use of compost, there is basically the ability to add free hot water into a more natural lifestyle with many different devices created for this specific purpose. There is much to save in reserving the use of natural gas in the constant management of a hot water heater, where this one can be consistently producing eco-friendly heat and energy without adding to your bill from the energy company.

We all know that it is easy to assume that the compost process just happens, both for the creation of nutrient-heavy soil as well as the energy to add to the home, shed, barn and other buildings that may be on your property. If there is a desire to ensure that the compost pile is properly set up to create energy strong enough to heat water up to 160 degrees. There are a number of instructional books and videos that can be viewed to help determine the best compost device or process that would work with your property.

If you are looking to save the amount you spend monthly on energy, especially with the increase of needed air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter, the saving of hot water costs can be helpful. This could be an incredibly informative topic, along with the excitement that hot water can be gained from a wheelie style device. The option to increase this energy is up to you!

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