The Joy of Working as a Copywriter… Especially in Building my Own Business!

I have to say that there has been a great amount of fear and anxiety in the ability to start a business of my own, and to follow my dream as a writer. It’s definitely one of those things that is hard to imagine will ever work out, especially with the fact that you have to consider the EXTREMELY small steps that are taken to get things set up in the start. writing2

I have to admit that the nearly 75% of my time and money invested in the first couple of months to focus on building the business. It makes it so hard to think of myself as handling all corners of a business while also being the person who produces the content that I love. It’s just so much of a WOW!

But you know what… I LOVE IT! I have to admit that I am happier than I have been at almost any other point in my life. It’s an extremely happy fear that I still have. However, there is such a part of me that feels so very strongly that everything will take a wonderful successful turn in the end. It’s like being that kid who starts playing football as a high school freshman with the belief that he will receive a college scholarship to Alabama (my favorite team!), followed by a first round bid to the NFL. It’s like there is no other word in my head than “win!”

And, do you know what else is so amazing? At my networking events, groups and meetings, it is so wonderful to meet other people who have this crazy over-expectant spirit that I do. It’s like we are a passionately hard-working population, and with the gig economy taking over the world there is so much more to be seen from what this will have to offer in the future!

All I can say to everyone is FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

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