Helpful Recipe Tips for the Ketogenic Diet

Fat Bread

There are a number of different recipes for a menu item called “fat bread” which is able to avoid so many of the carbohydrates that are in our usual bread, bagels and other wheat-based or flour-based baked goods. While not all of those may be simple carbohydrates, there is a possible benefit to at least minimizing the number of carbohydrates taken in while you can still make some basic breakfast and lunch items like toast and sandwiches out of a bread that is made primarily of nuts and oil.

Having tried several recipes for “fat bread” I can say that it can be sort of bland at times, but with the use of a type of nut that you prefer in flavor, along with the inclusion of a little bit of zero-calorie sweetener and other seasonings. There is also the possibility of replacing some of those basic breakfast items like muffins and bagels, with this nut bread that includes some oats, berries, or other friendly flavors.

Take a look at some of the recipes below:

Ketogenic and Low-Carb Alternatives to Pasta

There are many kinds of pasta that state on the package that they are low-carb or gluten-free, but this may just be an indication based on the overall standards of the company that has produced the item. If you have set a specific standard for your own diet, whether it be for keto, diabetic treatment or any other issue, it is always important that you read the nutrition and ingredient information on the back of the package.

Even more than that is the potential to make your own pasta from a recipe that you are confident fits your dietary needs. Some of these are from black beans while others are from whole grain or whole wheat flour that allows at least for a significantly lower carbohydrate count, especially regarding simple carbohydrates.

Another option to consider is the amount of pasta you are making or cooking. It is easy to let the limits of any diet get away from you when the assumption is to go ahead and prepare the entire package of any food. Whether it contains a lower amount of carbohydrates per serving, if you do happen to stuff yourself with the entire package then you have likely already overshot the limits of any healthy diet.

Take a look at some low-carb and alternatives to pasta below:


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