What is the easiest form of travel transportation?

Leaving the United States, the most commonly represented option is the airport. With so many new cost-saving options today there is much to consider, based on where you are headed, as to what airline you choose and the different stops that have to be made.

It’s hard to imagine that traveling within the United States is easy if you don’t want to drive, face the challenges of big-city traffic, and facing the horrendous directions provided by GPS and other online maps.

However, if you plan on traveling internationally there is much more to expect in the ability to use metro/public transportation to get around. So many other nations around the world are more likely to have taxis, shuttles, and buses that are much more reliable than those here in America.

I will admit that I have heard the U.S. is likely the least efficient for national or even inner-city transportation. However, if you were to visit Europe today there have been some updates to their travel methods that could make things more affordable. While it used to be considered a very expensive trip, you may only be looking at the plane ticket overseas as the most expensive piece today.

Some of the travel methods that have come along with the shared economy of Europe include the following:

  • Megabus
  • Busabout
  • FlixBus
  • Budget Airlines
  • By Use of a Eurail Pass
  • Use BlaBlaCar

And by far the cheapest travel method across Europe is the historical style of artists and authors: hitchhiking. Amazingly enough, this is quite common in Europe and it is free. However, it is recommended that you use your common sense and make sure to back out if you feel unsafe at all.

Others recommend to mix and match the methods you use in different locations. You will be able to see the most while also spending as little money as possible. I know that there are many places I want to see in Europe but I doubt I would ever have enough money to see them all in the traditional manner. What do you think?

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