Can We Divert Ourselves from Fast Food?

Much has been mentioned recently on the news about the potential to eat better at fast food restaurants. But, is that really true?

A news story last week tried to mention some simple steps to help with this potential, as in creating your own burger and making sure you eat smaller portions. But, how easy is this to do when the standard is the “combo” meal presented at the front counter or in the drive-thru?

Is it really all that easy to simply not eat all of the food that you are provided? Or to drink water instead of the soda for which you are already paying with that meal? We all know that it is much easier to pick up dinner on the nights when there has been a busy day, we’ve been running from the office to appointments, and practices, games, and more, then back to the house where it is already a chaotic mess. However, is there a better answer to creating a simple and fast meal for the whole family?

First thing. Maybe the answer is not the fast food drive through. When using those tips offered up by the reporters on the news, there is potential when placing a pick-up order from a local restaurant. You may be able to order a family-sized platter, some salad, and other items that are a bit healthier without the grease and fried foods.

Next, you may be able to add some healthier snacks to the house. Keep those chips, candy, and other sweets and junk food out of the house. Make sure there are fruits and vegetables. If the kids are going to be home on their own for a while after school, make sure that the options to snack are healthy.

Now, those are just a couple of places to start in the options to bring the entire house up to healthy eating choices. Remember that it takes time, but that as time goes on tastes will adjust and it gets easier to avoid those unhealthy foods that we so often crave.

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