Multi-vitamins vs. supplements: What’s the best intake of essential nutrients?

I have to ask if there is a benefit to either the daily multi-vitamin or supplement that may help increase the intake of nutrients that are needed for your health. Would it be better to find a dietary change that would help make sure that all of those nutrients are taken in naturally?

I can ‘t imagine that it is necessary to go 100% organic, especially because many of us cannot necessarily afford that change in the grocery bill. However, there is definitely something that can be done in order to help make sure that the healthy options are included in your diet, rather than relying completely on the pills that you put into your body.

What supplements do you take most often? I know that there are some that appeal to my desire for the improvement of memory and other mental functions, especially considering my history with epilepsy. I like the ability to take Omega-3 oils to help with both the heart and nervous systems, knowing that it could be a brain support source.

But I also know that there are ways that I can eat or drink some healthy oils and fats within my diet. With additional items like coconut oil and some others, many natural diet options are helpful with many health updates. Sometimes these are even included with appetite reduction and weight loss.

So, where can I go from here? What are the best steps that I can take in order to both keep my health improving regularly and continue trying to get back into shape? With that as one of my goals, there is much to consider. Have any of you all tried to determine the best dietary balance that will help make the strongest steps for what you need?


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