An Amazing Story… Big Pharma Bleeding Dry Those Who Are the Most in Need!

Watching an online show, a Town Hall from Iowa, and a story told by a local about the EXTREME cost of her prescription for MS that has reached even higher than ridiculous prices. I know that I had always thought of my own prescription as self-depleting when it reached the amount of a couple hundred dollars a month. But hearing this story about a woman with multiple sclerosis who requires a prescription costing over $21,000 every six weeks it is almost impossible to believe what these companies are doing to the people of this country.

It makes me question the fact that I have even started to consider taking a part-time, off-site role for a pharmaceutical company. There is something in me that says there is no way I would be able to morally or ethically be able to work for a company in this industry. No matter how much money they were to offer me in a paycheck.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but with all of the arguments that are tossed back and forth about universal healthcare and all, there is much more to it than that. So many other people need healthcare in some form, more so than everyone needs healthcare provided from the government. So many people need access to at least the essential healthcare to live from day to day, especially with everything that these companies gain in revenue for these drugs along with the rest of the medical industry.

I’m sure there are so many more of you out there facing issues with things like this! I know that I hear so many people making the assumption that these presentations are socialist, but there is more to it than that. I would love to see what YOU ALL have to say about this, as the voice of the people should be so raised in volume with the government’s upcoming actions.

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