Obesity: A “disease” in need of physician treatments?

So… would there be much need to moving beyond a healthier diet and exercise to start an attempt at losing weight? Is this supposed to be a disease that is worth the advice of your physician rather than the self-discipline it always required in the past?

Many searches show the availability of weight loss prescriptions, and this is on top of the many available weight loss surgeries that have existed for decades now. So, is there any real need to work on your own weight anymore? Does it only take a little more money in order to be the fittest and most beautiful survivor on the island?

Even the websites that take the time to present medical options for weight loss and treatment are receiving over 100,000 visitors per month! This is more of a search than someone going to a search engine and looking for the answer to “a healthy diet” or a “quality form of exercise.” Have we honestly become that last as a fat community?!

I know that it is harder for me these days to keep the weight off. It is harder to maintain the motivation of fitness and health (both in exercise and diet) than it ever was before. So, what should we ALL do at this point? Is it worth increasing the income of physicians with this concern? Is it really something that should be considered a disease?

I believe my own opinion is that this is definitely something more of a habit. Something much more necessary for personal restrictions that could lead to the continued improvement of health and wellness overall.

What do you think you can do for the potential to improve your health or lose the weight that you would like to, without the assistance of a doctor? Would you be able to complete your goals without surgery? Without drastic actions taken by anyone other than yourself?

Tell me your stories! My own before and after has not been something amazing over the past eight years or so. I would love to hear what other people have been able to do with helping to keep a balance in life, in keeping both the professional, family, economic, and other daily responsibilities in balance along with their own health. Have you been able to do so? I know that I have faltered at times and I could use your advice!

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