Dreamers, DACA, and Many Others Still Deserve the Beauty of America!

We face so much of a challenge throughout the country on the treatment of immigrants, especially those who have come across the southern border. There is no reason to believe that they are simply horrendous criminals for attempting to cross into a new nation and work to improve the lives of their families.

So, where do we go from here? With the name “Dreamers” it seemed to have been pretty clearly named that these individuals held the same beliefs of all of those who originally crossed the ocean to enter our nation from the U.K.

What do we do for these individuals who provide so much of the needed work in our country? So many Americans refuse to complete the blood-curdling, life-threatening, dirty work on farms, in manufacturing plants, and other locations for small, family businesses.

So many landscapers, farmers, and others who need to work outdoors with the worst and hardest work around are jobs filled by illegal immigrants. These illegal immigrants are willing to work their fingers to the bone for the benefit of their families. At this point, the potential for so many jobs to remain unfilled, portions of the economy to crumble, and a significant downfall can possibly fall with all of these immigrants withheld in containment camps along the border.

How do we return to the treatment of these people like real people? They may not need to be Americans from the moment they walk into the country, but they at least deserve a decent amount of humane respect. Thoughts?

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