Do Immigration Laws Make International Travel Harder? Life in General?

Is there a possible need for a travel visa coming? Something much more in-depth than the passports that were able to easily place you across the borders of various nations.

So much has come up with the intent of this administration and the potential of landing the identity of an immigrant and criminal upon leaving the United States. While making it appear that anyone who makes their way into our country appears to be a criminal, it almost seems like Americans could be seen as criminals invading other nations while they are simply visiting on vacation.

Have we almost lost our position as a respectable nation across the globe? Are we slipping down the ladder of power and entitlement with all of the negative press that has been gained over the past couple of years?

While there is no reason to only put the responsibility on the shoulders of the president whom I will admit I do not like, there is so much left to be done in order to regain some sort of position in the world. Something has ended. A great deal has been lost. It is almost to the point that we are no longer the “United” States of America. I am required to use quotes as there is union no more among the states and the people of our nation.

Where do we go from here? I know that I cannot answer…

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