Goat Yoga

Introduction: What is Yoga?

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. It includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. This practice is very widely used for health and relaxation, sometimes as exercise or treatment for an illness or ailment. goat yoga 1

At the core of yoga is the intent of gaining inner peace. There are instances of meditation, along with positions that work to improve strength and flexibility combined. The goal is overall improved health and fitness, with the included spiritual improvement for overall well-being.

Definition of Goat Yoga

One of the most interesting factors is that it really is with goats. While it is considered to some to be a craze, there are many who believe it to be a great exercise along with many other businesses that have been able to develop classes and workshops for goat yoga.

It is also held outdoors in fields, or on farms. “‘Goat Yoga is a yoga class that is held in the backfield at my farm,’ writes Lainey Morse, the proprietor of Goat Yoga (as well as a freelance photographer and office manager) in an email. ‘My goats are all very social and friendly so they graze and sit and lie down next to everyone.’”

Difference Between Goat Yoga and Traditional Yoga

Well, primarily there is the fact that goat yoga actually includes interaction with goats, making it not quite as spiritual, quite or peaceful as traditional yoga. Considering the interaction with the goats, this is a much more intense form of exercise or activity than traditional yoga. Considering the fact that traditional yoga is a series of balanced poses that one individual can complete on their own, working toward advanced strength, flexibility, and meditation.

What Makes Goat Yoga “The Craze”

Well, this fitness trend is considered to be the latest and greatest, at least in its creativity. Having started up in 2016 in Oregon, the fitness trend is sweeping the nation, with the inclusion of goats that sometimes walk around throughout the class and sometimes get involved in the activity of the class. This sort of removes the silence or intense emotion that can come from the meditation and spirituality of traditional yoga, which has been the trend in previous years. The goat yoga classes are actually very popular with families as the goats are trained to be social with people, including children. The kids are able to play with the goats or even attempt the same yoga poses as parents while the goats move throughout the class for possible interaction with anyone.

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