Meetups – A Good Way to Broaden Social and Professional Networks

With the direction that social life and communication has taken to the internet over the past decade, I have recently decided to look around a little for some community social groups that may help with meeting individuals with the same interests, goals values and much more. I know that when I started to see groups like Meetups on Facebook and other locations I started to find them much more interesting than stopping by a happy hour ranting about the stress of the workday to the local bartender.

One of the first groups that I was able to find was for New Entrepreneurs and Startup Business Owners. There is much to gain from a large group of people who are able to trade contact information, market their own skills and business potential, provide a reference to other potential leads as well as a great deal of advice from other, more experienced business owners and leaders.

One of the next groups I am looking forward to meeting up with the Adventurous Women of Cincinnati, where I will be able to meet some other local women. I have been watching the invitations of many of their events over the past few months, but have not taken a step to go for it. I know that I both want to meet some more people, and get out of the house more often as well, and I think this could be great. So, tonight I did it! The first event I will be going to with this group is the USS Nightmare… one of Cincinnati’s most popular seasonal events. This is recognized nationally for it’s amazing Halloween flare, and I have always wanted to go. I can’t wait!

I also consider that fact that I love books and I love to read. While it made me a nerd in school, and often the question of “nerdship” as an adult on the bus line riding down to work or even in the break room eating my lunch. There is much to be said for an adult who still reads classics that she has covered a dozen times throughout college and into adulthood, but I guess there is also something romantic about it as well.

For this reason, there is a part of me that truly wants to join book clubs, meetups that discuss new books from popular authors and their latest, to the series that may have been released in greatest popularity over the past year. Because there is something inside me that still wants to pursue my personal goal of becoming an author I need to find my inspiration. My true muse. Even though I have my own favorite authors, from Henry Miller to Erica Jong and many more, there is much to be said for getting into the workings of the incredible minds of published authors who are able to reach out to the eyes of the beloved readers of today.

I hope that many more of you can find that interpersonal connection you may need! There is much to be said for the social relationship, and that there is no need for social networking to be only completed online. Step up, and get out there! We all should do so. There is no reason to be afraid of meeting up with others face to face.

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