Will the families separated at the border ever be 100% back to normal?

Here is a question that so many of us wonder, especially with the force that is being used to this day in pushing migrants away from the United States without a chance. So many children were separated from their loving parents with horrid treatment. Being treated like criminals when all these people wanted to find was a better life for their families!

Is there a truly reliable reason for taking this sort of action against these innocent people? Do people who attempt to make changes or improvements to their lives deserved to be treated like criminals? I know my opinion, and that is NO. separating families.jpeg

We have so many true criminals in this nation who find the ability to steer their way clear from the justice system, and these individuals are left to roam the street clear of all restrictions. Do we not have a system that was intended to help international migrants make their way into the country with proper requests and support when they have the intention of working in our nation? Supporting our economy? Why are they presumed to be criminals simply for looking to improve the lives of their children and families?

Take a moment and let me know what YOU THINK!

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