Physical or Therapeutic Treatment of Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be hard to deal with, especially considering the risks associated with seizures. So many issues come about when there is the possibility of having a seizure while driving or even walking. I understand this personally, as I have dealt with different types of seizures for about 24 years now.

Most often, people turn to medication for seizure treatment, but there are things like diet changes and other special options that can help with seizure prevention without dangerous side effects.

One option that does not involve medication includes nerve stimulation. That may not work for everyone either. The most common treatment is vagus nerve stimulation or VNS. I have written another article on VNS, while it is a popular treatment option.

So, one option that I can think of if you would like to keep medications and other treatments at a minimum can be exercise and weight loss. Considering the fact that stress is a common seizure trigger for many people, it is helpful to know that exercise helps relieve stress and with weight loss you feel much better overall.

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