Epilepsy Treatment Self-Management

I know I was thinking about epilepsy before, and all of the issues I have faced over the past twenty years both in my disorder and medications combined. I know that there are so many people in this world who have the same concerns and issues that I do when it comes to all different types of seizures and treatment, and everyone can know that there is always more to be done to aid in treatment for yourself.

There are so many different ways that I think I could consider the possibility for adding self-management to all of the medications that I have been taking over the years and hopefully work toward returning to some sort of normal form of daily life. I’m sure many others like me have the same issue with questioning what points of life keep things the most normal, removing epilepsy from constant concerns and returning activities and responsibilities to that of a normal adult, mother, writer and hopefully driver! I don’t know about the thousands or even millions of other epileptics with the same difficulties with seizure control, but I do know that metropolitan commute in my city is not the most convenient and getting anywhere when I have something that I want or need to do is tremendously annoying and even to the point of painful at times.

I know there are times, especially at the change and increase of my prescription dosage, when I face all sorts of changes like energy, sleeping, appetite and much more. There is so much unexpected activity making me feel disabled to a certain point, compared to my colleagues, friends, and family. I know that I have the ability to maintain a comfortably regular state of life, but there is difficulty in keeping it up on a daily basis. There is always fear that continues and I certainly sympathize with others around the world that face the same issues as myself on a regular basis. I wonder what I can do to continue my own progression of success and personal growth, and I hope that I can find a way to do the same for others in situations similar to mine. I wish everyone else the best of luck and hope that I could be a contact for research and advice as needed, although not a doctor I figure there is definitely positive communication in all of us joining those communities together. Maybe I will get to put a web community together myself, in addition to such a friendly one as the Epilepsy Team. We can all stick together and make each day wonderful!

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