Working to build a business on your own ladies? I take a little time here to share my own experience…

I have to ask the definition of success… Do I need to sit in the executive seat of some major corporation here in my hometown where my parents can easily assume that I have some large salary, comfortable vacation time and benefits? Is there success in the business I can build for myself from my childhood dreams? And I don’t mean the dream to be some sort of model or singer, but my lifelong dream of being a writer. There is a pulse deep in my chest that beats out every cache telling me to write everything that my heart and head desire. Whether I am writing something for clients who desire articles and blogs and website content or if I bludgeon through the rainforest of adventure required to created books and written works of my own it is my achievement of success. Flat out, it’s mine. That’s all there is to it for me. I don’t need to do a single thing in this world to make anyone else happy. My life is lived for me. And it will be so until the day that I die.

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