Remember Sesame Street from Your Childhood? It’s STILL THERE!

Where will your dreams take you? – Well, that is an amazing question that we can offer our little ones with all those bedtime stories available at night! There is no reason for any of them to be scared of the dark or of bedtime alone, with the Sesame Street gang right there in the room with them!

From world-renowned children’s brand, Sesame Street comes a new, heartwarming title. Building on the success of New York Times bestseller Love the dreams of our little ones are there to fight the challenges of the daytime, no matter the realization. The best thing to do is to Dream big and believe in yourself, and never give up―because all that you need for success is already in you! For dreamers of all ages, this inspirational book is the perfect sendoff into a new phase of your life.

A Dream can be big or a Dream can be small.
What matters the most Is to have dreams at all.
Ambitious, creative, outrageous, concrete,
or close to your heart, something simple and sweet.


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