You love them ALL! The babies and doggies in your life… so read about them all with those babies learning to read!

“What can be cuter than photos of babies and doggies? Little ones will love these pictures.” – Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor

When you stop and think about it, babies and doggies do many of the same things and The Babies and Doggies Book shows them together in so many ways! They squirm, sniff, sit, and splash, and read about all of it with your little babies right here in The Babies and Doggies Book. They play ball and cuddle. Lots of things babies do, doggies do too!
Show your babies how wonderful all of this playfulness is together when reading The Babies and Doggies Book! This board book explores all of the similar actions shared by baby and baby’s best friend. Illustrated with beautiful, full-color photographs featuring an array of dog breeds and a diverse cast of babies, The Babies and Doggies Book is a visual feast for infants, a fun read-aloud for parents, and treat for baby- and dog-lovers.

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