No reason to fear those bears… especially upon seeing the loving connection with this boy and the bear! A great book to help with learning to read.

In The Boy and the Bear a lonely little boy receives an invitation to play written on a paper boat. It also seems that he has finally found the best friend he’s been longing for. But Bear isn’t quite the playmate the boy had imagined. Bear may not know how to play games, but when he starts to build a tree house, the boy is intrigued and a magical summer begins. As autumn passes and the first winter snowflakes start to fall, the boy is left alone. Only then does he truly realize how much he misses Bear. Finally, in The Boy and the Bear there’s a happy reunion when Bear finally returns in the spring.

It’s an amazing tale that helps with the activity of learning to read, along with interactive reading among parents and little ones together. Learn to read along with learning the value of relationships that can be built together. If you have little ones in your family who need more bedtime stories, The Boy and the Bear is another great option!

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