Every child reads about the crown on their head!

We know our children are special, and now, in The Crown on Your Head, the incomparable Nancy Tillman expresses this universal feeling in the most touching of ways: Every child is born with a crown. The crown is everything that gives us unique value. Our crown will always be with us wherever we go, whatever we do.

Basically, everyone is royal, every child in your life is royal, and you have the right to teach every child in your life as they learn to read that they are that royal both within your family and within the entire world. They all have the access to learn about The Crown on Your Head when there is something important to believe in the value of love and relationships to everyone.

With the ability to learn what it will be like to read, prepare for school, and become a part of a family and gain valuable friends, all of those relationships of royalty become more and more important as your little ones learn to read. Take a moment to prepare them with reading The Crown on Your Head!

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