Kids can learn the meaning of “home of the brave” in the pledge they make to the flag

Home of the Brave: An American History Book for Kids: 15 Immigrants Who Shaped U.S. History – Discover the stories of extraordinary immigrants who changed America.

The United States has always been a nation of immigrants―and now you can learn all about the amazing people who’ve helped shape it, with this history book for kids age 9-12. Home of the Brave gives you an exciting and engaging look into the lives and contributions of these incredible individuals.

From Levi Strauss to Isabel Allende, discover how these dedicated and creative people made their mark―and how you can follow in their footsteps―with this fun history book for kids age 9-12.


As an American history book for kids age 9-12, Home of the Brave includes:

  • 15 inspiring stories―Learn from the experiences of famous American immigrants, including labor activist Mary Harris Jones, architect I. M. Pei, and guitarist Carlos Santana.
  • Multi-page biographies―This history book for kids age 9-12 goes beyond the obvious so you can find all kinds of remarkable facts about the lives of these exceptional Americans.
  • Beyond the book―Want to learn more? Each biography includes suggestions for places to read more, plus super fun (and educational!) activities.

Find a role model―or 15 of them!―in this beautifully illustrated history book for kids age 9-12.

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