I Need YOU for a New Writing Project!

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! I have just entered into a new writing project for a local client who would like to hear individual life stories of overcoming challenges to reach the success you have become today!

yogaI believe all of you have something interesting to share with the world out there, and I am here to present your story on your behalf.  It could be anything from overcoming abuse to independence, poverty to owning your own business, or anything else!

Everyone has a wonderful life story with much to inspire and motivate others, and I am here to listen. Now… I will send this out several times so that everyone has access to it. No matter where you are in the world, I am able to collect your information via email, phone, Skype, or other communication. And I will make sure that we share your story as you want it presented. If you prefer not to have your name included, then we can make sure it is protected.

Additionally, you only need to share the pieces of your story that you feel are the most influential or valuable. There is no reason to dig into the details of anything that you are not comfortable sharing.sport clothing and accessories 3

So, please feel free to reply to this post if you would like to contact me about this opportunity! I have plenty of time right now to get started on some of these stories and I would LOVE to learn about your life story!


Email me at saramc.copywriter@gmail.com if you would like to speak directly.

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