Take advantage of the perfect goodnight kiss with the little ones in your family! You’ll see how the animals around the world do the same thing!

“The bestselling book in Ann Whitford Paul and David Walker’s adorable animal series―and don’t miss the follow-up, If Animals Said I Love You!”

If animals kissed
like we kiss good night,
Giraffe and his calf
would stretch their necks high
and kiss just beneath
the top of the sky.

In If Animals Kissed Good Night, just like many of us settle in at bedtime, a little girl has a cozy bedtime chat with her mom, questioning how animal families might say, goodnight. Maybe there would be a “kiss and then HOWL” between the wolf and his pup… or even a bear and her cub would “kiss and then GROWL”? With the many different animals and the sizes of their families, the speed at which they move, when they go to sleep, and all the other differences, it could take FOREVER to determine how all of them do this!

No matter what, If Animals Kissed Good Night shows a touching talk among a little girl and her mom, including whimsical art and playful rhyming verse. Use this board book for the perfect snuggling story that helps complete your bedtime tales with all the little ones in your family!

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