Has The Internet Taken Over Our Lives?

I often wonder if the internet has become the sole resource in our lives, and when I want to answer that question all I can really do is look at my own life. I know that there are plenty of opportunities to maintain the physical and reality of life, such as shopping in real stores and reading real books, but I wonder how much more often do we all handle those things online? internet 4

I know that as a writer, especially in the freelance sector, I do most of my research online and do basically all of my communicating with clients online. I look for new projects online, keep up with customers on Skype, seek out resources for articles through every search engine available, and create and publish all of my work digitally. I don’t think I can remember the last time I printed a piece of paper and sent it out in the mail.

I know that I pay all of my bills online. I haven’t even ordered a book of checks in at least two or three years. I’ve been slowly transferring all of my accounts to complete digital communication so that my bills, statements and all reports are sent via email. I know that most of the mail I get from the mailman are pieces that I throw immediately in the garbage. internet 3

Does everyone live a digital life like me? Does everyone rely almost completely on their computers just like I do? I know that I don’t go to an office and that I may rely a little more on the digital workplace than some others, but the basic everyday life I handle is more digital than I ever would have imagined back when I was a young child.

I think about the fact that so much of my friendly communication relies upon social media and the fact that I think the only people I ever call on the telephone are my parents and son. Pretty much everything else includes direct Facebook and Twitter messages, emails, Skype, text, and every other possible digital message out there. I don’t think I even bother looking at what number is calling my home line now since I know that no one I care about would even know that number! laptops and tablets

So, I guess the final question would be whether or not there is any point in attempting to return to a greater physical reality over the digital world we live in so much these days. I figured that no matter how much I try, there will still be a primary focus on online, digital communication throughout life, including the use of online systems for professional networking and maintaining connections with friends. I have to maintain, like I state in another one of my posts, that the one online point of life where I will not rely on the internet is my dating and romantic life. I want to meet that person in real, everyday life. If that doesn’t happen, then there isn’t someone for me at all.

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