Appreciation for Stay-at-Home Dads

There is so much to think of the potential for stay-at-home dads now in the 21st century. There is so much to be respected in a man who is willing to stay home without a career, or at least making a career of raising his children and caring for the home. I wonder if I would ever be that brave, especially considering my doubt and fear in marriage. There is so much to consider in relying one hundred percent on someone else for financial support when there is always the possibility that a relationship can end at the drop of a hat. dad 4

I think that there is so much more about myself that had the willingness to handle both sides of parenthood, caring for my son, my home, my career and every ounce of life all on my own. I don’t think I was ever brave enough to rely on someone else completely to handle another part of my life. So, after centuries of male family leadership, there are now men who are willing to rely upon a strong and supporting woman to handle some of those more dependent family issues.

I can only see an image of what it may be like for a young father, who has let his wife keep her career out of the house, attempt to manage all of the in-home chaos that can come with raising children and caring for all those daily tasks that would drive even me insane. I even find working at home alone all day sometimes to be the most chaotic and crazy tasks, as I am definitely not a domestic individual by nature. When it comes to tasks such as cleaning the dishes or laundry, or vacuuming the rugs, I know that I can become more frustrated and angry than I ever did in an office working for a boss.

dad 2

There is something about being at home that makes me feel like I have less control over what I am trying to do than every minute I ever spent in an office career where every minute of my day was planned out by someone else. I know that there is something about men thinking they need to be in control of every part of their life, and I can definitely respect any one of them who is willing to relinquish this much control to someone else… especially to a woman.

Am I brave enough to relinquish control myself? I know I always wonder if I will meet someone, but I think that so many men can see this about me. That I need to control my life and that I have basically always been this way. Hell, I even admire women who have been brave enough throughout the centuries to trust and depend upon another individual to handle all of those essential pieces of a life together. Why can’t I do that? Why are there now men who are able to do just that and I am still holding on so tightly to control of my own life?

I know that I initially started writing about stay-at-home dads and I have wandered over to the discussion of all stay-at-home parents completely. We like to think that there is something convenient in the ability to work from home while also staying home with our children. But it can be a tough and scary world out there. So many options to work from home are complete crap, and others don’t want to pay crap.

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