Carbon Footprint

Almost nothing about the phrase “carbon footprint” sounds bad. But, what should we worry about when it comes to the carbon footprint that we leave behind during our time here on earth?

It’s incredible to believe that the carbon footprint comes more from the unnatural products that we use and leave behind. Waste, pollution, exhaust, and more. No matter what we do as humans, it is almost impossible to dive immediately into 100% zero-waste lifestyles.

I would like the ability to imagine myself as someone who supports the rehabilitation of my planet completely. If I were able to gain a completely solar-powered home, an electric car, and make sure that I recycle every single little piece waste that can be then I may be able to smile about this.

There has to be a way to at least reduce my carbon footprint to the point where I can make an improvement. Something of value to all the animals and fish around us who rely on our water, soil, and air. Our atmosphere has been so demolished by the basic human developments that have been growing over centuries, our carbon-based growth, that we have no way to bring ourselves back to a natural state of living.

I wonder sometimes how healthy I am living by eating as many vegetables and fruits as possible, especially with them growing from the soil where we live. How clean is the “cleanest” spot on our planet?

Just a thought… I’m sure there will be more to ask about it later! Let me know what YOU think!

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