Feminism and Literature – My Dream Equals Anyone’s

I sometimes wonder what the most educational experience of my collegiate and professional career has been. My greatest love has always been learning more about literature and experiencing all corners of the literary field from different perspectives, especially from women and those who have been willing to break historical barriers with their work. Over the years I have most grown to love the works of Erica Jong, both after and before many others who were willing to fight the traditions of American culture and politics. feminism 1

I wonder if I could achieve the greatness as a writer as I have seen from women such as Erica Jong and many other historically great poets and authors that we studied in courses in college. Is it as easy to reach the mind of others with the written word as it once was? Do I have the talent and skills that I believe I have gained through education, desire and practice? It is amazing to hear of the incredible success of Erica Jong’s first novel Fear of Flying when she was a little younger than I am now, and creating a novel from the same perspective that she took with her main character as her own doppelganger. I know that several of my novel topics are based off of the various intriguing life experiences that I have ventured, hoping that I may be able to touch the lives of other women across the world with entertainment, emotion and inspiration.

The word Feminism rises into the conversation when the question of women’s lives and ventures are being discussed. I don’t know if I would consider myself a feminist or not, but I know that I do believe in the ideals of women and their right to own and be everything that their male family, friends and colleagues are. I know there are so many questions to the equality of the sexes professionally, including the creative sciences, and I hope that I have the potential to achieve the same greatness as any male author in history, as well as the female authors I love. I love to think that I have the ability to move forward to the greatness of any male or female writer that I love, and that is more than simple feminism. We all have the right to wonderful careers, and any young woman can make the choice to move ahead for herself. 

I know that all women have this right in their careers, no matter what their chosen path, and I was so happy for my aunt to hear recently at dinner that due to the President of her University re-evaluating equality across the board for their professors that she would be getting a thirty percent raise and increased benefits. It’s not just about being a woman in a certain field, but about the field of study, and we all deserve to be treated on the same plane. I love it! I can only hope the same for myself and all other women, although I do know that in my writing ventures I will have to play a huge role in my advancements for myself. Take advantage, all of you, and follow your dreams to the full end!


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