Key Pointers for the Ketogenic Diet

We have all heard many things about the basics of the ketogenic diet, as well as the extremes like the goal of lowering daily carbohydrate intake below five! Well, there is a way to get the carbohydrate reduction, grain increase and the increase of healthy fat intake as well.

Some tips for the overall management of the diet include the following:

  • Wild-grown or plant-fed meat and seafood
  • Get your carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables: most including berries – and organic is the best option
  • Vegetables are of the greatest source of nutrients since they have the fewest carbohydrates, and again, organic is considered to be the best option
  • Dairy should be minimized and, if possible, it is good to use grass-fed, full-fat dairy products when cooking. Everything needs to be as natural as possible
  • Whole eggs (including the yolk, so that you get the fat as well as the protein and maintain a proper diet balance). Again, organic and free-range are the best option.

Remember that there are substitutes for processed, high-carb foods that we have eaten over time, including pasta, bread, chocolate and more. There are ways to cook unsweetened, high-fat, natural options, that may taste different and take a little time to get used to.

Basically, the goal is to break the addiction to sugar. It’s almost like quitting smoking or drinking. There are so many processed selections that are marketed and sold to us in the grocery as the low-calorie, low-fat options needed for our heart and circulatory systems, but that are actually ruining us because of the amount of processed sugar they provide.

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