Poetry asks us so much about LOVE! But can we say “goodbye” in other writing?

There is so much in your life to write about. Whether you take on personal writing, topics from your own life, fiction, non-fiction, business, and much more. Basically, you can write about anything that you want! And if love is something that has had an incredible effect on your life, then it is definitely something that you can write about in any type of writing.

Remember that there are so many different types of writing formats, whether they are short stories, poems, eBooks, blogs, research articles, advice, and anything that helps to reach out to your audience.


We all know about romance novels and the amazing history that they have among a large audience. Now that there is no reason to only work with a large publishing company that is willing to print and publish your novel. You are now able to start small for yourself, even with self-publishing online or for print.

But, there is always the emotion of the “goodbye” that exists in that story. There is no reason for it to be the focus of your romantic story, but it is something that will reach out to those who may have had that same experience. Remember that the search for an audience who understands the story at hand, and what it is telling will help you sell the most copies of your content. No matter what you decided to write.






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