Potential to Eat Healthier at Fast Food Restaurants

So, I asked previously if we would be able to divert ourselves from fast food completely. And, the answer to that question for many people is a clear “No.” While many people worry more about the keyword in that being “fast” while the quality and health factor of the food itself becomes of much less importance.

Therefore, we have a great deal of questions to ask of ourselves about what we can choose at fast food restaurants, or which fast food options we would be able to choose in order maintain a much healthier diet. Many times the fast food lunch or dinner is a last minute decision when the schedule of a single day runs out of whack and there is still much to be taken care of. Fast food options, especially those cheap $1 choices that provide at least a quick snack for the kids while you are in the car running from one place to the next are definitely easy and cheap, but they are also not choices that help influence kids’ long-term habits.

A very common option has come to the forefront over the past couple of years, especially with the ability to order online and pick up without waiting in line. This works at places like Chipotle and others where there are definitely healthier options than greasy hamburgers and french fries, but the lines can be long and treacherous if you are in a hurry to get a quick carryout option.

Therefore, think of some of the restaurants you like to take an option that may have healthier sandwiches, salads, soups, and other meals that are much healthier selections. Additional locations that have provided this popular option include Panera, many Chinese restaurants, and others that provide healthy selections. You often have the ability to order from your phone when you are running from one event to the next in the evening, especially when you have kids who love to enroll in every activity across town. So, take a minute and look at the websites of some of the restaurants you visit most often to see if they offer this feature directly.

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