What do We do About Trade Wars Ruining Certain Areas of the American Economy?

We now have all of these potentially continued trade wars, with the addition of more tariffs, all of which are supposedly paid for by external nations! But there is no reason that this could ever be believed.

All of those bills, even if they are sent out to the countries where our domestic manufacturers would be buying materials or products are returned back to us with those bills. And then who are they forwarded on to? ALL OF US SHOPPING FOR THOSE ITEMS!!!

Why would anyone actually believe this president when his statements present the idea that these tariffs will be covered by China and other nations? Why would anyone believe that his economic relief bills for farmers and other companies would actually be paid for from these same tariffs that are sent out to those countries?

We actually see many days of our stock market continue to follow along with that harsh red downfacing arrow on the television. It can be watched on many television channels, or even online. And I know that I can’t seem to think of a single day since those ridiculous tariffs that were supposed to start some sort of “trade relief” with China.

So, where do we go from here? Some of the farmers who are supposed to gain these fees from the government are not getting them. And every time these announcements are made, many of these small, rural farmers are left sitting in the dust. What’s next? Definitely, some sort of caution needs to be carried along with every step that we take over the next year-and-a-half.

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