You like the wide, stylish, silver rings? Then this may be a great option for you!

Now, I often have my colleagues and students asking me where I get all of my amazing silver rings, and one of the best places is right online. Sometimes you can find INCREDIBLY affordable rings, in various styles with great stones, from vintage to classic and contemporary style rings, while others are fancier cocktail rings, or even formal rings with gemstones! One of my favorites is the tiger’s eye, and how many different styles it matches with. THOUSANDS of choices are available online especially on Amazon, with many of my own favorite picks available…

Here is one that I LOVE! The Mytys Vintage Fashion Silver Ring Retro Black Marcasite Cluster is sort of contemporary and classic in combination, while the black marcasite stones are able to go with everything. It’s one of those rings you can wear with anything!

  • No allergic materials
  • Arcuate design with quality black marcasite
  • Vintage Style Pave Ring
  • Cluster Black Marcasite Paved Statement Wide Bands Rings
  • A slick ring that is comfortable enough to wear around daily.

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