War? What can we expect?

There has been a feeling that we live in a world of unexpected events. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of sturdy reality. So, with this latest military decision, there has to be some sort of question at hand. Additional troops have been sent to the Middle East to face what may come next, after the killing of an Iranian military commander. What do we have to expect? Is there any real strategy that may come with the potential response that we will see from Iran?

It’s not like they will simply fire a missile at a specific location. I have been watching the news for a couple of days now without being able to pull my eyes away from it. The potential that something harsh and very large and very long-term will happen in the near future it possible. I admit that there is something burning in my gut that larger events are on the way. download (5)

Could there be a possibility of our allies being in trouble as well? With the Iranian presence around the world, they are already prepared to retaliate. So, what could it possibly be? Citizens have been forced to withdraw from the area, troops sent in… but there are areas in Africa, Central and South America, and many other areas.

Threats? Coming when? How large? I have to admit that as an individual I have never lost so much trust in a leader as with this recent decision from a president who wants to sit in his cushy resort and determine on his own to kill an Iranian military leader and several others alongside him at the same time.

lying presidentIt’s hard to understand why this is a decision to prevent a war and not to start one. That just doesn’t seem like the actuality of the matter. It will likely turn into something much more heated, potentially something more heated globally. Could it be something along the lines of another world war? Given the breaks that Trump has made with many of our allies and the previous agreements made with other nations, would there be greater tensions among other countries if something were done to injure their presence near American embassies or other locations in various regions? There is a possibility that some of them would not stand by the U.S. in fighting back against Iran and their proxies.

I know that I am not in a place of grave danger, sitting outside of a moderate city in the United States. But could the military troops related to my friends be at risk with the possible ramped up battlefields that could appear worldwide?

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