Check out this Mock Neck Button Side-Split sweater! Comfortable and fashionable every day…

Okay, I admit that some of my favorite eCommerce clothing purchases have come from the Patty Boutik brand, especially the PattyBoutik women’s sweaters, including the PattyBoutik Women Mock Neck Button Side Split Sweater tend to be so comfortable, fitting, easy to clean, and more! I have several already, and I am always looking for more, as they can be washed at home, they aren’t made of itchy wool, and they work with both the fall and winter cool and cold weather. So stylish and flattering, with so many options to choose from, check out this one and many others as well!

So, if you like having a stylish, machine-washable sweater that will last a while, the PattyBoutik Women Mock Neck Button Side Split Sweater is spot on! And, if you aren’t necessarily a fan of the turtleneck fashion, this mock neck sweater is a little easier and more comfortable. Also, it can be an office or casual wear, available for use in whatever you need for the fall and winter cooler days. 

Additionally, for some of those days where you feel like you need a little more room around the hips, or some of the tighter styles just aren’t quite the thing, these side split buttons make it a great option. It’s comfortable and fashionable basically ALL THE TIME!

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