The Endless Circle, Part 2: More Reasons That Books Are Banned

banned books 2For centuries many reasons have kept amazing titles out of the hands of desirous readers. While it often took time and human development, there is much to learn formerly banned books now in our high school, middle school and college classrooms. Many of these stories tell the most honest and intriguing biographical and historical tales and many more.

In so many places the exclusion of these novels include many different themes. That is a clear perspective, especially given the most conservative nature of political and societal view the farther back we look at the world.

If we all think back, one historical event that was the most influential and tragic worldwide: WWII. There are also Communism and the Soviet Union, the Vietnam War and more. Both support and challenge against these issues caused an uproar. Back to the Civil War in the United States there were books that were banned immediately upon publication for using the same language and ideals passed among the people of our nation at the time, from “nigger” to racism and demoralization of any white man willing to help a back rather than enslave him.

Another topic that continually banned books throughout history is the inclusion of religious or supernatural themes. While religion is a matter of personal choice, especially here in the U.S., it is something that often sparks a great deal of controversy.

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