Potential Links Between Social Media and Depression


You have likely seen some of my previous notes about the reported connections between social media and ADHD. This may be more than just social media, but it may be the electrical devices that our kids are so focused upon during so much of the day.

Some different reports have been presented in the news considering testing that has been done on possible connections between ADHD and social media use. Several news articles have reported on this JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) published report.

In this report, indications have been found to connect teens who are constantly glued to their digital media devices and higher rates of ADHD. They state that the more time these kids spend on their devices the more their attention falls. social media.jpeg

Studies are Beginning to Show Risks

In addition to ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), where it includes the loss of attention very quickly after beginning a task, there is also the potential connection between these electronic devices and social media and depression. Without the inclusion of physical and social activity in teen development, there is much to question about the possibility for psychological disorders.

With these adolescents and young adults easily losing focus or attention during regular tasks like conversation, reading or lectures. A study was recently completed by the National Institute of Mental Health on the effect of frequent digital media use and checking of social media on ADHD diagnoses. The study included over 2,500 students aged 15-16 from 10 Los Angeles high schools between 2014 and 2016, focusing primarily on the link between social media and ADHD.

Now there is much more to be considered than social media and ADHD alone. With the phones and tablets that run our lives, students using laptops for schoolwork, and much more, there is also the potential for electrical devices to remove the actual social activity from daily life. There will be much more to see on this potential connection, especially with the increase of Depression and other psychological disorders increasing in the United States.

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