Pre-packaged meals – Healthy or not so much?

Today we see so many commercials regarding frozen meals that are low in calories and are friendly to different diets like Atkins and Keto. There is much to consider, however, in those meals, especially the fact that they tend to contain a great number of preservatives.

One of the most important factors of many of those diets, especially Keto, includes the removal of chemicals, GMOs, and other items from your diet. The inclusion of organic produce within the Ketogenic diet is very much of the detail provided with its instructions.

No matter what you do, if the number of carbohydrates is very low, and the ratio of fats and proteins are appropriate in those frozen meals that you purchase and microwave, it is very likely that the packaging and freezing process includes a great deal of chemicals that are not supposed to be included at all. Those items still have the potential to make digestion a challenging process, which is in opposition of the actual nature of the Ketogenic diet itself. With the purity of the diet as a whole, the body is supposed to both run on its fat, while the increase of fresh produce helps to improve the digestive process.

Many people may take some time to get over the initial symptoms that show the process of ketosis has started, but the body eventually adjusts. At that point, the body’s existing fat is used for energy and is then digested and removed from the system, rather than simply the sugars that are included in so many of the common processed and pasteurized foods that have become so famous in our country.

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