Even more outdoor, animal yoga and other fitness!

OK… many of you all have enjoyed my piece on goat yoga. Definitely, a topic that I found quite interesting as I was reading about it and then writing it.

So, I figured there had to be plenty more types of yoga with our pets (though likely not my dog because she weighs almost as much as I do!), and I thought it would be great entertainment to share this info with you!

An article I found online Goat Yoga and Animal-Focused Workouts is quite fun, even just to look through. More than simply taking your dog for a walk around the block, there is much to enjoy with all of those pets in your family.

goat yoga 1This author presents the interesting fact that “There’s also cat yoga, dog yogahorse yoga, and bunny yoga. Not to mention the more ‘traditional’ forms of human-and-animal activities like running and boot camps.”

There is much more information included here about research that tells the amount of exercise and fitness that dog owners have in comparison to those without dogs. While I know that my dog is not necessarily part of my exercise, she is a benefit to my overall mood and well-being, as she is my immediate family here at home.

All I can say is, “Take a look!” If you enjoyed the content about goat yoga, this is even better!

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