Ozone-Friendly Washing Machine

Both energy and air use of the machine are protective of the ozone and pollution. Therefore, knowing in advance that you are buying a laundry washing system that can help save both your money and the environment provide a great positive feeling. These washing systems can clean even the dirtiest clothing with no exhaust that pollutes the ozone or no chemical-containing detergents that would pollute the environment in the long run. There is so much of a benefit to consider in the gained environmental support of these machines now available for residential customers.

Apparently commercial buildings have been using ozone machines for years, and just now there are plenty of residential areas available for the installation of these machines so that they are going on the market to homeowners. Plenty options to buy used machines in that case, from hotels, restaurants and plenty of other locations that are replacing or upgrading, or even have closed. With the number of uniforms and other materials that would have to be washed, it is beneficial to know that many of our companies have been using ozone washing systems for several years now and working toward the preservation of a safer and cleaner environment.

One of the best things about this, beyond the energy savings and reduction of air pollution is that there is no detergent needed whatsoever, and that there is an even cleaner result in the dirtiest clothes… even the whites! Some publications have been posted online where children today have completed science fair and other school projects in researching the advanced cleaning abilities of these ozone washing systems. The presentations are incredible. There are the dirtiest white socks or t-shirts placed in different washing systems, and the ones washed in the ozone system come out the cleanest and fastest of them all.

Some brands such as EcoWasher and Residential Ozone Laundry have become highly available to homeowners, while there are also additional multi-sales online locations where used systems can be purchased for even less than what is often spent on a traditional washer-dryer system… along with the annual savings that will be recovered through the reduction of both energy and no need for detergent.

It’s amazing to see what is moving forward in all the advantages of energy and ozone savings around this world!

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