The Bible: Most Commonly Sold and Most Commonly Challenged Book in History

Considering the fact that religion is a personal choice, and the religious texts that anyone references for their beliefs are their own decision, it’s interesting to consider the fact that the Bible has been challenged and banned at intervals throughout history. With America having the largest Christian population in the world it is hard to believe that the Bible is also one of the most commonly challenged books in print still today. bible

Even more surprising is the reason that the Bible is challenged: that it is religious. Despite that fact that we are required to maintain the separation of church and state, the challenge or ban of the Bible makes it seem like leaders want more than separation. It appears that they want only belief or consideration in state regulation. It seems like the attempt to remove freedom of religion from our lives completely, even though it was one of the principles upon which our nation was founded.

Consider this… here in the United States our government apparently upholds a separation of church and state. So, what would be the point of challenging or banning the Bible? It’s separate from government completely. For this reason there would be no right for any federal, state or local government to ban the Bible. It’s a religious text and therefore completely separate from their content!

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