The story of a genius who almost none of us would have learned about in school

He has been called the greatest surgeon of the 20th century. The son of Lebanese immigrants, Michael DeBakey rose from humble beginnings in a backwater Louisiana town to dominate the landscape of modern medicine. His contributions to our understanding and treatment of cardiovascular disease, in particular, were innumerable and epoch-making. DeBakey led a life of high drama, from the streets of Jazz Age New Orleans and the operating theaters of pre-war Europe to the battlefields of World War II and the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina. An advisor to Presidents, a health care statesman, and a physician to royalty and commoner alike, he helped build Houston’s Texas Medical Center into a jewel of the medical world. Yet DeBakey’s own family paid a tremendous cost for his commitment to his fellow man. Buoyed by unique access to primary resources, A Time for All Things: The Life of Michael E. DeBakey is the first to tell the remarkable story of a driven genius who led a scientific and therapeutic revolution in all its dramatic depth.

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