Amazing Feminist Literature Continues to Grow – My Favorite Author Returns!

I have admitted my love for the author, Erica Jong, over the years. Ever since I first read her bestseller Fear of Flying some years back I took on the task of reading all her books. There are so many incredibly risque and challenging topics from the time of the women’s sexual movement. Some of the verbiages of her books would never be considered as acceptable by the conservative leaders of our nation, but she is fearless and relentless in her drive.

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There is so much to learn from this woman who has spent decades becoming a leader in the voice of women and what we can do for ourselves. There is no reason to fear those limits that have been placed upon women in the world by the government and other organizations.

And all of this is listed straight out in the title of her latest book that has been recently released, The World Began with Yes: Poems by Erica Jong. I admit that I have not read this yet, but while being in a poetry class at this time I think I could learn a lot from her at this point.


I know that my previous notes about Erica Jong were still passionate about her work, and now I think about how much her books have led me to the motivation of writing some further fearless novels, short stories, and poems based upon the challenges and overwhelming days that have been all throughout my lifetime.

I wouldn’t say that I am an extremely old or overly experienced woman, but I do believe that I would have a lot to offer in the words that I could share with readers, especially with other women who could use that same motivation that I have received from Erica Jong’s website and books. To take on life completely free of fear and reluctance. It’s a challenge, but it leads to hope and eventual confidence and strength.

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