Researching My B2B Launch Campaign: Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

As a sole proprietor and entrepreneur, there is much that I need to consider in the increased time and effort on marketing for growth over simply being able to outsource the task to an agency.

With the minimal funds and workforce available it is the most important to determine what would be the best marketing strategy and platform on which to market an up-and-coming brand.

So, start with a budget. Especially when trying to work in B2B marketing, it is almost like competing with marketing firms as well as other companies in your industry. The challenge of determining a narrow audience and persona to which I should present my business is the first hurdle.

The first place I have decided to plan is the narrowing of my attempted market, at least in the initial stages of business. There is no way that I can attempt to grasp the attention of the entire world from day one. It’s hard to realize sometimes that I have to start with more time and energy on networking and marketing than I do on the actual work that I want to do.

So, I had to ask myself, “What are the best channels for my business?” There doesn’t seem to be one right answer, at least not permanently. It is constantly changing based on the audience I am trying to reach and the goals that develop with the growth of my business!




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