LED Lighting

I read an interesting article by a controversial naturopathic doctor claiming LED lighting has some negative health impacts…can you do some research and see what you can find confirming this?  Even better- if you find research/evidence in favor of LED lighting or what people can do to manage these supposed health risks that would be great.  We both know everything is like a pancake…it has two sides

With the advancement of LED lighting into contemporary society, we all know that there is much to be considered regarding all its uses as well as the effects it can have on health and life as a whole. While many articles have been published, stating bringing about a fear of the negative health impacts of LED lighting, we have to remember that there are several sides to each story, and make sure that we consider them all when determining the best light source to use for a home, office or other location. led lighting 2

First off, the most important thing to remember about LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is that it emits different, balanced rays of light when all three diodes are combined. However, when one color of these three light is the main source of lighting it can produce some eventual harmful effects if experienced regularly. Considering the fact that variations of LED lighting are used for different industries including aviation, automotive, general lighting, traffic signals and public lighting, as well as even more coming in the future.

Certain articles have mentioned the danger of the use of LED light among several different technologically advanced products, especially to the blue light emitted by several of these items when we are using computers or phones, watching television, or completing other light-necessary tasks at night. While there have been many decades of research in advancing the capabilities of the LED light source there are some dangers within the rays emitted. Alongside this question is the proposal that street lamps and public lighting will be part of this, and relying on this blue ray of light will cause several eye and other health damages to the public in the long run.

While several articles have presented what is considered the dark side of LED lighting, there is also much to be said for the advantages it can provide to the home, from energy and finance to health as well. While there may be reluctance to switch to LED lighting within the home because of these research publication, there is much more to consider based upon the different variations of LED lighting and how it is used in different locations.

One of the many other considerations of LED lighting is the overall positive effect upon these bulbs in nature as well as the reservation of our overall energy use within the home. There has also been a great deal of research on the broad advancing benefits of LED lighting across many aspects of everyday life. Considering the fact that LED bulbs have been so developed over the years to last longer in the home while also saving energy and helping reduce electricity bills wherever they are used.

While LED’s have been proved to be energy efficient, there are health benefits (seen below) as well that have been proved within different publications:

  • Increased employee or student motivation and commitment;
  • Improved concentration and energy;
  • “Mood support” in wellness and dining areas;
  • Enhanced drug efficacy, e.g., of antidepressants (in hospitals);
  • Reduced therapy times and capacity requirements.

While these benefits are presented by certain researchers, they may not be the same among all different researching groups, publications and others. Considering the back and forth of this argument it is easy to see that this form of lighting will likely have a great deal of development to advance for much more time, while we know that it has benefits and dangers alike. Maybe it has been proven to be like many other of our products handled in daily life… both good and bad at times!

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