The Role of Social Media in Politics

We all know the role that social media played in the 2016 presidential race… but how much farther have we gotten ourselves into “muddy waters” over the past few years? This is definitely something that the media brings up about Trump’s strategy of drawing attention away from what he has done wrong, making it look like others have done many more things.

So, we have the daily “briefings” that come from the president on Twitter. More like his lashing out at the opposition in response to what they have to say about him in the latest events taking place in Congress and other places. Now… what can we do with a president who only wants to yell at the TV cameras, claim everyone else in the world to be wrong, and say that only he is right?!

What happens with these “Never Trumpers” and all of the people that everyone knows were either appointed by Trump directly or at least by his aides? How can he completely remove himself from these claims that are scratching themselves closer and closer to his own actions?

It’s SO FUNNY to see how everything is an assumption, though many people who are well-reputed and had an ear in on the call had plenty to say about the misappropriate actions that took place with the Ukraine call. And the president still has the balls to call this transcript 100% perfect? Puh-LEASE!!!!

It’ll continue to get better… let’s just keep watching on a daily basis.

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