Much more to learn about Sivananda yoga… and everything available to you

100-Minute Sivananda Yoga Practice – This video provides the full Sivananda hatha yoga practice, teaching all aspects needed. Here in the Amazon video, you have access to rent it once and complete the workout where you are able to check out its access to completing exercise and full relaxation as well. Offering the ability to practice at your own pace and comfort level, there is much to learn from this in a first attempt, then purchasing if you are happy in using it more regularly in the future.

Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion is also a complete practice and lifestyle guide that presents yoga programs, meditation exercises, and recipes – Just as importantly, Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion teaches you how to master breathing and mindfulness techniques to combat stress and recharge your energy.

Combining step-by-step asanas, detailed anatomical illustrations, programs, mindfulness techniques, plant-based diet advice, and recipes, this is the complete practice and lifestyle guide for students of all abilities. Make your way through the 12 classic asanas, then continue your practice with 9 programs of 20-, 40-, or 60-minute sequences for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion also features common mistakes people make when performing a pose.

Alongside these programs, embrace a healthier more yogic way of eating with more than 40 nutritious plant-based recipes. Written by the experts from the world-renowned Sivananda Yoga Vedana Centres, Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion has everything you need in one complete package.

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