The Black Market of American Literature: Where Classic Novels Once Were

For those of you who have seen, I have previously covered this topic as it is one of incredible personal interest for me. Spending many years studying literature I have to wonder sometimes why certain novels that presented such introspection to strong American events are banned from publication and sale here in our own country. The more I look into the topic, the longer the list of these books grows, making banned books 4me question why publishers and bookstores would feel this necessary.

There have been a number of reasons for books to be banned historically. Whether they would be language, sex, improper presentation of animals or scenery, there have been many, many reasons for books to be banned over the years. Then, later those same books have returned to the lists of leading, classic novels as they have told the word of our nation’s history or presented the tale of some of the greatest times worldwide.

It is amazing to consider the evolution of many novels from their initial publication to the time I was in high school, and then in college.

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