Cannabidiol and Epilepsy

There are many assumptions and presumptions made about seizures and epilepsy. Many people are scared to fall in love or be close to anyone with seizures because of what they can or cannot control in relation to this “disease.” There are other misconceptions like those who have epilepsy are crazy or disabled, unable to live a normal life. So, many people run away from these individuals, even their families. I can state this from personal experience. CBD oil

So, over the years there has been so much research done on new ways to treat epilepsy and the many different types of seizures that exist. For those of us who have epilepsy, and the doctors who study and treat it, there are electrical malfunctions that cause the different types of seizures that can be treated naturally by certain items. When fats or oils in the diet (like the Ketogenic diet) are a benefit to this electrical function, then there is the potential for CBD oil to be as well. Research has come to prove the effectiveness of CBD oil in controlling the intensity and frequency of seizures.

CBD Oil as a Natural Epilepsy Treatment

So many studies have worked on the benefits of CBD oil for a number of different ailments and afflictions, and the study of epilepsy treatment is an interesting one. While the diagnoses of epilepsy are varied, the drugs that have been used over the years are also constantly changing. Recent research has proven a great effectiveness of CBD oil in epilepsy treatment.

While this research or the “how” and “why” questions are not yet answered, the research of this treatment will continue. Considering the fact that this research has only been going on for a little over five years, it is incredible to think of where it may lead in the future. Especially given the side effects of many of the chemical drugs that have been used to treat epilepsy patients throughout the years.

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